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Writing & Directing

From conception to completion – we are consistent with quality. We’ve won awards for our ideas, so you don’t have to believe us, but we are pretty good at that stuff.


We have won several Australian Cinematography Society and film festival awards for our visual work. Let’s win another with your next project.


We provide editing for any projects. With extensive knowledge in Final Cut, Adobe Premiere and After Effects we can make anything come to life.

Full production house quality with boutique service & exceptional value on a national scale


We have the skills and equipment to create stunning time-lapse imagery that can move across a timed slider and pull focus at the same time. If this doesn’t sound impressive, then check out our work, as it sure looks impressive.

Slow Motion

Our state-of-the-art camera gear can go up to 480 fps in HD – That equates up to 20 x slower than normal speed. Everything looks better in stunning slow motion.

4K Resolution

Make your videos truly pop with cinema quality 1080p, 2.5K and even jaw dropping 4K when your project needs that extra umph.

Kinetic Typography

Your words can leap from the screen. With the ability to animate to narration, your next simple corporate message will engage well beyond a powerpoint presentation ever could.

After Effects

Do you want something special for your audience? We can animate your logo, utilise sticky text, and expertly title to boost the production value of your next video in no time. We have extensive experience with After Effects and the powerful possibilities it unlocks.


We transcribe all of our documentary and corporate documentary work. This makes editing a breeze, as we don’t miss a thing to the cutting room floor, and you get a transcribed version of the interview to use how you want and no extra cost to you.